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When you join, we create a fully personalised workspace called “sample with content from the 5 interests you picked in the registration.

Why? For you to play around, get familiar and explore the full power of Reach.

Whats next? From there you can create your own workspace and start building your knowledge network.

Here are the simple steps to follow:

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I use myReach every day and it feels so natural! myReach works in perfect symbiosis with my stream of thought. Standard filing systems are made for bookshelves, not for human brains.


Niccolo Pignatelli
Research Analyst, Riverfield Partners

A real helper. I can just throw anything into myReach, tag it and save it just as quickly as I can find it again. It saves me hours per week. And no more dozens of open tabs every time I open my laptop.


Baran Ozmen
Founder, Stox App

Looking for an old file or article used to mean pure agony. Now I simply ask myReach and my file is there, linked to an article I had forgotten about with the solution to my question, and more!


Carmina Sola
Account Executive, Celonis

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