7 Cooking Tips That Will Change your Life

It’s not just a productivity tool for work… Reach can be used for anything & everything… Even in the kitchen! 👩‍🍳

You can save recipes in Reach and tag them by ingredients, cooking time, difficulty, special occasions, anything you want! You can even add notes and comments if you make any changes to a recipe.
With this in mind, Delish came up with some cooking tips that are sure to make things easier for you, and we’ve highlighted our favourites! So get cookin’ 😋

Take Notes as you Go

Did you love that perfect roast chicken recipe but hated the onion-to-garlic ratio? You won’t remember that when you pull the recipe back out a year from now—but the Post-It you left on the page reminding you so will help.*

*Or the comment you added on reach!

Read the Recipe All the Way Through Before you Start

If nothing else, it’ll prevent you from keeping a very hot oven on for too long. Save energy!

Season and Taste as You Go

It helps infuse flavour throughout the cooking process. Never just season at the end. It’ll be too far gone.

Set your Timer for a Few Minutes Less Than the Called-For Time

Not only do all ovens heat differently, but you’ll also never really know how yours handles a new protein or veggie at first. That’s all to say you can always fix an undercooked situation — there’s nothing to be done once you go over.

Put a Damp Paper Towel Under your Cutting Board

This prevents it from swiveling around while you’re trying to do something with a very sharp knife.

If you Bake, Buy a Scale

Baking is a science, after all. Would you mess with what’s called for in a science experiment?

Clean as You Go

Rather than allowing a mess to pile up as you go, take little breaks to clean the surfaces and tools you’ve already used. Even though it might not feel like it in the moment, it’ll save you time and stress later.

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