7 Tips For Organising a Great Trip

It’s summer time, and we all know what that means… Holiday planning! ☀️ For some it’s the best holiday of the year, for others it’s a time to relax and recharge batteries. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: we all deserve a good break, right?! 🏖

We’ve been reading up on TimeOut Barcelona, and found some interesting tips to help you organise a great trip. So taking things one step further how can Reach help you even further? Well, you can gather all the tips you’ve received, places to visit, restaurants to book, activities to enjoy… All your bucketlist ideas to have that perfect summer you deserve! Save them all in Reach and see how much easier it is to plan your trip. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in seconds with Reach, take our word for it!

So enjoy your holidays, but remember… Be safe, respect Covid rules wherever you go, and don’t forget to have fun!

Choose your Destination

There are numerous factors that can have an impact on the choice: time of year, travel companions, budget, kind of trip. To help you choose, gather as much information as possible, get in touch with other travellers, and check out travel blogs. Picking your destination is, in theory, the easiest and most fun step of all when planning a trip.

Look for The Best Offer

Depending on the dates, it’s wise to reserve your tickets a few months in advance, or even earlier if you’re planning to travel in high season. The best way to get a great price is to visit flight search engines as well as websites that specialise in great offers. Nowadays, there’s really no excuse for paying over the odds when it comes to flights.

Avoid Travelling During Peak Periods and Weekends

The prices of flights and accommodation go through the roof during high seasons due to the fact that a large majority of people take their holidays at these times, while weekends are also extremely popular for short breaks. If you have the chance to organise your trip for an alternative time, you’ll be able to enjoy it without huge crowds of tourists and for a much lower price.

Trust Expert Recommendations

To discover what are the most outstanding places in any destination and make the most of your plans, it’s worth taking advice from the experts. Look at specialised websites and travel blogs, they’re an essential guide for getting the most out of your trip.

Create an Itinerary

If you know exactly which places you want to visit, creating your own itinerary will help you both save time once you’re there and avoid wasting money on possible hitches. Buying tickets on the internet and avoiding queues, reserving in advance to make sure you get a table in the restaurant you want, looking into the best way to do an outing or visit, etc.

Select Appropriate Accommodation

Depending on who you’re going with, there are different accommodation options that can work. Whether you’re looking for a hotel or prefer a cheaper option such as a hostel or a B&B, the best thing to do is look at comparison websites, all of which provide great offers.

Pack Your Bags Carefully

Whether you’re heading off with a rucksack on your back, taking a wheelie suitcase or prefer to travel with just hand luggage, it’s essential that you only take what you really need. Forget about “just in case” and instead focus on what you actually require. If you can shut your case without having to sit on top of it, congratulations! You’re ready to travel to the ends of the world.

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