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An easily accessible and entirely personalisable space. Countless features to enhance your productivity.

What Can You Save


Tags, Keywords, Descriptors…


PDF, Word Docs, Excel, PowerPoint…

Subject Creation in Reach App
Document Creation in Reach App
Website Creation in Reach App
Contact Creation in Reach App


Articles, Podcasts, Blogs…


Family, Friends, Colleagues, Mates…

Give It Context

Workspaces View in Reach App


Separate business from pleasure! Create a different workspace for each.

Nodes Properties in Reach App


Personalise your search and find things faster with custom properties.


Never forget anything. Save your thoughts, recipe modifications, meeting comments…

Recommendations in Reach App


Receive suggestions of possible connections you hadn’t considered.


Create connections between your things, simplify your search for later.

How to View

List View

Elegant and organised in a vertical list with a small image and short preview of the content.

Big Image View

Bigger image and more text to preview. Get an insight into the content with this extended preview.

List View in Reach App

Visualizer View

3D visualization with links and connections. An opportunity to dive into your knowledge, like a brain.

Board View

See results in a board-like format, similar to Trello. A clear outlay of all your things.