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6 Tips to Stay Focused at Work

It’s Friday.. It’s been a long week.. It’s getting difficult to focus at work… Sounds relatable?
Well chances are you’re not the only one struggling to stay focused. Time Magazine hit the nail right on the head and shared great tips to beat distractions and stay focused at work (our personal favourite – #3)! Read them carefully…

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7 Tips For Organising a Great Trip

It’s summer time, and we all know what that means… Holiday planning! For some it’s the best holiday of the year, for others it’s a time to relax and recharge batteries. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: we all deserve a good break, right?! We’ve been reading up on TimeOut Barcelona, and found some interesting tips to help you organis…

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7 Cooking Tips That Will Change your Life

It’s not just a productivity tool for work… Reach can be used for anything & everything… Even in the kitchen! You can save recipes in Reach and tag them by ingredients, cooking time, difficulty, special occasions, anything you want! You can even add notes and comments if you make any changes to a recipe…

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5 Habits To Be More Productive

Are you constantly on the lookout for ways to be more productive? ???? We often find ourselves wanting to fill our days with as much as possible, but we then go to bed realising we haven’t actually accomplished that much. And that’s a very frustrating feeling. So, how to avoid it and be more productive? Remember, it’s not about wanting to do m…

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